Response to Instruction and Intervention



Response To Intervention:  A Tiered Approach

The Why Behind RTI 
Article from Buffum, Mattos, and Weber explaining why educators are implementing the right practices for the right reasons

TN Department of Education - RTI Page
Helpful tools for schools, teachers, and families

RTI in Rutherford County Schools
Link to RTI resources and personnel in our school district

RTI Action Network
Resources for parent and family involvement in the RTI process

Frequently asked questions and answers about RTI

Diagnostics And Resources

Reading and Writing Project
free reading assessments by level, in running record format

Fry Oral Reading Test
Fluency assessments for grades 1-8

McLeod Assessment of Reading Comprehension
Measures comprehension for grades 3-8

Singapore Math Placement Tests
Placement assessments by grade level

Math Reasoning Inventory 
There are three assessments in MRI—Whole Numbers, Decimals, and Fractions. 

Suggested Reading Strategies for RTI 

Suggested Math Strategies for RTI