Christiana Middle School

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Mission Statement

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Our purpose at Christiana Middle School is to prepare students with the skills needed to be successful at the high school level and begin to plan for their futures as productive members of society.
Christiana Middle School will be a model of academic excellence.
  • High expectations for academic success are reflected in our instruction.
  • The result of a quality education is a blend of academic knowledge, fine arts knowledge, technological/career skills, life skills, and social awareness.
  • Children have different abilities, but all students can learn; therefore, a variety of accommodations, strategies and methods are utilized.
  • In order to differentiate instruction, assessment is analyzed on a regular basis to monitor student progress.
  •  All staff members share responsibility in developing pride, self-confidence, respect, and academic achievement in our students.
  •  Policies are directed toward improving student achievement and positive behavior.