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New Teacher Resources


Classroom Resources

A coach is only as good as her team, and my team is the best!  From co-teaching to modeling,
development resources to confidential coaching, it's my job to make teachers look good.
Quick video training and strategies to meet all your classroom needs
Rigor is NOT a Four Letter Word 
Need more rigor?  Check out Barbara Blackburn's resources or stop by my office for her books and tool kits.

Teacher Evaluation Support Tools

Being evaluated doesn't have to be scary. The more you know, the better it will go!  
Find helpful resources and information below to guide teachers through the evaluation process in Tennessee.

TEAM Evaluation Rubric
blank copy of evaluation rubric for instruction, planning and environment

Student Centered Rubric Connections
lists student behaviors that should be visible to an evaluator and indicate the domain is being effectively implemented

TEAM Evaluation Powerpoint
contains video examples for each indicator on the evaluation rubric