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Welcome to Christiana Middle School's Counseling Corner!

Christiana Middle School

Counseling Program Mission Statement


Committed to providing and facilitating counseling supportive services and preventative programming to inspire every student to reach life-long academic, career, and social emotional success.


Our school wide initiative at the beginning of this school year 2019-2020 to also be included in advocacy lessons is CHOOSE COMPASSION!!! Cougar students will be compassionate! They will learn to become compassionate students who care for others, treat others well, have empathy, share kindness, support and report any bullying, stop gossip, offer a helping hand, and who serve their fellow Cougar students. Throughout the year, students will receive character education advocacy lessons along with having compassion such as being respectful, being responsible, having perseverance, being trustworthy, and being kind.
Take time to explore the Counselor's Corner pages and resources to assist students and parents. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact us. For questions/concerns regarding students with the last name A-L, please contact Ms. Etheridge at  For questions/concerns of students with the last name M-Z, please contact Mrs. Lee at 

Confidentiality regarding counseling sessions: This means conversations with a school counselor are kept confidential with the exception in which the student has authorized the school counselor to speak to someone else as well as the following urgent situations which limit confidentiality:


  • Threat of harm to oneself

  • Threat of harm to another

  • Any report of abuse or neglect or suspected abuse or neglect

  • Reports of behavior which could reasonably lead to harm to self or others

  • Court orders requiring disclosure