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Mrs. Melynda Whitaker
6th Grade Math, Room 603
Math Department Chair
Christiana Middle School
Jupiter Ed Website
615-904-3885 Ext. 
I am looking forward to another great school year! 6th graders learn so much, and many times need to hear what is taught multiple times before truly reaching a high level of understanding. Please explore the resources available to you for this purpose. Many of the websites listed give links to informative videos or practice sites. These are opportunities for you to extend your classroom time and hear the concepts we are learning from a different resource.
We are halfway to high school graduation!!!

Recent Posts

Listing Method vs. Ladder Method
Check out this example from class! At the top, you can see the listing method for finding Greatest Common Factor (GCF) and Least Common Multiple (LCM). It takes quite a bit more work than the Ladder, and if your multiplication facts aren't top notch, things can go wrong pretty quickly. We will be using the Ladder to help us find GCF and LCM, plus the Ladder goes a LONG way to helping with the Distributive Property and factoring. 
Answer to this week's Challenge Question
Did you figure out the Challenge Question?? If you turned in an extra credit page yesterday, you can look at the picture to see if you figured out the right answer. This is an example of two ways to prove that the statement was FALSE.
(Sorry the picture is sideways...I'm learning how to work my website. Maybe I have a kind student who can help me fix it?)

Extra Credit for Lesson 1 Quiz - Due 8/18/17

Look at all of the work shown on the boards below to help you make a decision about your work. Remember, just because we wrote it on the board does NOT mean it's correct thinking or correct work. We have compiled everyone's ideas here. You need to make sure you VERIFY any work shown and OWN IT as yours. 
To get extra credit, you will need to tell me whether the statement made is fact or fiction, then back up your statement with proof. That proof should include math (quite a lot of work has already gone into the examples on the boards below) and words to explain your work. *Remember how we wrote labels for every number.*
Here's the statement:
     "Students spend 33% of their lives in school from Kindergarten to 12th grade."

This is the work our class compiled about the Challenge Question.
 1st Period - you may finish answering this question for extra credit on Lesson 1 quiz. The statement was made, "Students spend 33% of their lives at school from kindergarten to 12th grade." Your job is to prove whether this is fact or fiction. The work we compiled as a class is in the picture.

Welcome Back!

 Only a few more days of summer left! I'm looking forward to meeting my new homeroom on Monday. :) Enjoy your last few days!