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CHMS recycling commercial

1st Place PSA for Recycling

2nd Place PSA Recycling

Honorable Mention in PSA Recycling Competition

Congratulations to our school for being awarded

Tennessee's top school recycler of the year 2013!!!
The Rutherford County Commissioners invited us to the February 2014 meeting

to present our school with a Resolution of Recognition.

See the video of this presentation by clicking here.

The presentation starts at minute-3:20 and ends at minute-7:10.
THANK YOU Busch Systems who awarded our school

with small recycling containers for being named Recycler of the Year.
Christiana Middle has reduced our trash going to the landfill by 25% since we started Single Stream recycling!!

We currently have a whopping 29% recycling ratio.

Although paper is welcomed in our single stream bins, we separate it out because

we get rebates ($$$$$) for the paper!!!

Our school appreciates

click here to make recycling easy at your house

for donating some big

single stream rolling bins

to help with

our tri-weekly

collection routes.

Another big "THANK YOU" goes out to

AD Recycling LLC in

Bell Buckle

who donated all of our bigger

recycling bins.
Here are some visuals...
Some of the TRUE TRASH items may be recyclable, but the company we use doesn't recycle it at this time, so we can't include it in the single stream.
Clean our your coat closet and let someone REUSE that coat you haven't worn in years...
Christiana's Recycling Crew

Our Recycle Crew visited the ALL IN ONE facility in Murfreesboro. This is where our single stream recycling goes on Tuesdays. The students learned about building a water collection barrel, different plastics, and how our recycling is sorted baled and sold.
These students went on a field trip to see where our paper goes.  We went to Caraustar Recycling in LaVergne.

Thanks, Caraustar for our high-vis recycling shirts!
The recycling crew learned how the paper is sorted and baled up to be sent to the pulp mills.
They also learned the importance of

separating the recycables.

A person can get $60 for a bale of pure cardboard.
If a bale of cardboard has plastic or

other materials in it,

most buyers don't want it,

so it is sent to the LANDFILL:(
We saw a whole bale of cardboard

before this load was dumped on it.

The Crew went from the bottom
to almost the top
of the pile of garbage at

Middle Point Landfill

owned by

Allied Waste/Republic Industries.
Mr. Nick Stengel is the manager

of the Middle Point Landfill in Walter Hill.

He told us all about the site.
Look at the next picture and notice how much white makes up the dump face.
The white is mostly paper and plastic:


Our landfill only has a life span of about 15 more years.

Where will it go nextjQuery183013403941224782423_1474913267368?

It has to go somewhere.

Read the signs and just do it!!!